Sold Out Workshops

The following are sold out:

HOT-01: Large Format Histology
HOT-03: From Fixative to Spreadsheet: The Histology Process and Image Analysis
HOT-04: Using Different Microtomy and Cryomicrotomy Applications for Decalified, Mineralized and Device Implanted Tissue
HOT-06: Sweating the Small Stuff
HOT-07: Image Analysis in the Histopathology Lab
HOT-08: Multiplexed Immunofluorescent Techniques for the Interrogation of Complex Biology Within Intact Tissue Samples
HOT-09: A Revolutionary Approach to Achieving High Quality Frozen Sections of Breast Tissue
HOT-10: Mohs: Immunohistochemical Staining by Hand
HOT-11: The Basics of Titration Calucation and Protocol Development for IHC Staining
HOT-12: Real-Time Telepathology: The Intraoperative Future

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