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Don't Fear the Abstract!  What Your Abstract Needs

If you are like us you probably have lots of great ideas and knowledge to share with others...BUT putting that idea into an abstract can feel a little overwhelming if you have never done it before. Check out the real world example and tips below! 

What Your Abstract Should Have:

•    The problem – tell us in 1-2 sentences the problem that is being addressed.  
•    Important topics and considerations – list out the important pieces of your talk that will be covered to help address the problem
•    The solution or outcome – at the end of the session what will attendees know or be able to do…but be realistic.  Attendees probably won’t walk away knowing how to fix all of their IHC staining issues, but maybe they will walk away with a list of troubleshooting tips or be able to troubleshoot specific issues.  

Accepted Abstract from a Previous Convention - Example

Click here for our abstract resource guide.  Have questions, or want to work through an idea – contact Aubrey Wanner,  NSH is your partner in this, and we want to help you reach your presentation goals.

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