Poster Guidelines

Key Requirements

  • All poster submissions are considered accepted upon successful transmission of the poster abstract. The NSH Poster Team may reach out to individuals if there are questions or modifications needed.
  • Poster presenters are required to be registered for the Symposium/Convention.
  • Poster presenters will be assigned a 30 minute presentation slot that is part if the NSH Convention Program.
  • Your poster and all enhancements must be submitted by August 11, 2023 - failure to submit on time may result in the removal of your poster from our program and will reduce your overall score assigned by the Poster Judging Team.  Submit your poster via email to or by sening a link secure dropbox/FTP to

Digital Poster Format

Please provide a high, print quality PDF for your main poster format. The top of poster must include the TITLE, AUTHOR(S), and INSTITUTION(S). Title lettering is recommended to be 60+ clearly readable font. Author(s) is responsible for all titles and headings. Poster should be self-explanatory, simple and specific, presenting material in a logical, legible manner. Use the past tense and the third-person (avoid “I,” “we,” and “our”). Basic theories or hypotheses should be presented with as much supporting data as possible, including pertinent statistical analysis and a conclusion. Introduction, written material, photos, charts and graphs should be in a sequential fashion, and trademarks must be indicated where appropriate. Include references. A disclaimer may be posted to indicate that, "results and/or modifications are in preparation for publication and cannot be used without permission of author(s)."

Video Enhancement

With the digital format we encourage you to include a video file or an audio file. These files are part of the interactive experience, and will be accessible when the poster is viewed.


All posters will be available to attendee in PDF format that they can email to themselves at the interactive kiosks and digital poster gallery. By participating in the poster program you agree to share this information. You may also include additional handout material for dissemination. Handouts must be PDF format as they will be emailed by touching a button on the digital poster screen. The handout can be a portrait or landscaped formatted PDF. To prevent copyright infringements, copyright material and duplication from previously published articles are unacceptable.

Continuing Education Hours

NSH awards three CEUs for presenting a scientific poster at the NSH Convention. You must submit the application provided by NSH to receive your CEUs.

Poster Schedule

Posters will be viewed Sunday through Tuesday, September 10-12th, concurrent with the Exhibit Hall hours. They will be displayed on kiosks in the Exhibit Hall. Authors will be scheduled for discussion hours during display times.  Your poster will also be displayed in the virtual poster gallery.

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