September 20-24, 2024
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Why the Histology World Convenes Each Year at the NSH Convention

Affordable access to 4 days of cutting-edge research, expert led workshops and one-of-a-kind hands on histology training in developing specialties. Explore the largest histology focused expo featuring top industry vendors previewing equipment, supplies, and services for your lab.

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The NSH Convention taking place October 14-19 in Reno, NV forms the largest educational event of its kind working to advance and promote the histology profession. NSH is the premier source of learning, knowledge and future-oriented research for histology professionals. Attendance provides resources, education, ideas and advocacy to enhance the performance in the laboratory and ultimately the best patient care.


Discover the innovative ways

Learning Labs: hands on trainings that provide the opportunity for attendees to observe and practice skills with lab equipment and reagents

Topic Roundtables: connect one-on-one with peers over your shared interests in histology

Express Talks: 15-minute lectures exploring a troubleshooting tip, management tool or technique demonstration

Workshops: 60-minute lectures with interactive Q&A

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2023 Convention Highlights

Each year the brightest minds in the Histo world gather for the NSH Conference to learn new skills and get insights from experts and practiitioners from all around!
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