Exhibitor Information


Exhibitor Registration Opens: March 2019
Convention Dates: September 20 - 26, 2019
Exhibit Set Up Dates: September 20 - 21, 2019
Scientific Exhibits Open: September 22 - 24, 2019


Sessions & Scientific Exhibits will take place in Exhibit Hall D in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, 900 Convention Center Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70130.  

Our Attendees

Lab managers, active histotechs and practicing pathologists depend on the Annual Symposium/Convention Trade Show to preview laboratory equipment, supplies and services for their busy labs around the world. Eighty six percent of  2017 attendees were involved in or influence the purchasing decisions of their organization and seventy eight percent had plans to purchase products or services as a result of attending the Symposium/Convention.

In 2017 we had 1,013 attendees.  Of those 1,013 attendees we had 131 international attendees representing 26 countries.  

Booth Options

Inline Booth (bound by a front aisle only): $2050.00
Corner Prime Booth (bound by a front and side aisle): $2150.00
Island Booths* (bound on all four sides by aisles, 20x20 or larger in size):

20x20 - $8,600.00
20x30 - $12,900.00
30x30 - $19,350.00
40x40 - $34,400.00

*If you are interested in a larger or different shaped Island Booth please contact NSH Director of Meetings & Education, Aubrey Wanner, Aubrey@nsh.org.  

Booth Fees Include:
• Pre Show listing with product description on www.histoconvention.org
• On Site Exhibition Guide listing with 100 word product description
• Complimentary booth attendants (# based on size of booth)
• Full registration list for one time post show contact (mailing or emailing) of attendees

A deposit of 50% of the estimated cost based on the booths requested when you completed the online application is required.  The remaining balance is due July 1, 2019.

Booth Attendant Fees
Each company is provided a complimentary number of booth attendants as part of their booth fee - see the chart below.  Exhibiting attendants over the complimentary number will be charged $80 per attendant. 

Booth Size # of Complimentary Booth Attendants 
10x10 5
10x20 8
10x30 11
10x40 14
20x20 20
20x30 25
30x30 30
40x40 35


Application for Space

Applications for exhibit space are subject to the approval of NSH, in its sole discretion, not to be unreasonably withheld.  An exhibitor profile (company description) of specific products and/or services must be entered into the system at the time of submitting your online application form even if you plan to alter it at a later date.  NSH reserves the right to reject applications for space if it is in the best interest of the show.


Space Assignment

Open booths are available for selection during the online application process.  Once an exhibitors application is received and approved the selected booths will be officially assigned to the exhibitor.  NSH may at any time change the size or location of the exhibitor's space or layout of the exhibition if NSH deems it necessary for the good of the show. 

Space Cancellation or Reduction

If written notice of cancellation is received prior to July 12, 2019 and NSH is able to resell the entire space, exhibitor will receive a full refund.  If NSH is unable to resell the space, exhibitor will be refunded 25% of booth rental.  If more than one booth is rented and NSH resells part of the booth space, the refund will be adjusted accordingly.  If cancellation is received after July 12, 2019 exhibitor will forfeit 100% of the space cost. 

Island booths that choose to reduce their booth size will be charged 50% of the prime 10x10 rate multiplied by the number of feet reduced. For example a 30x30 island booth space that reduces to a 20x20 island booth will be charged $5375.00 for the reduced space or 50% of 5 10x10 Prime Booths.

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