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Exhibitor Information


Exhibitor Registration Opens:  May 12, 2021
Scientific Exhibits Open: September 14-16, 2021


This year the NSH Convention is taking place at a computer or device near you!  That's right - this year's event is fully virtual so no need to travel.

Why Exhibit at the 2021 NSH Convention?

NSH is committed to ensuring that histotechnologists , researchers & scientists have access to the latest devices and resources to best serve our mission to shape the future of histotechnology through a global community of professionals committed to education, advocating and driving patient quality.

The NSH Virtual Exhibition will offer vendors the chance to design a virtual booth that meets their sales and engagement goals.  Every booth will provide opportunities for vendors to brand their with company logos/graphics. Each exhibiting company will be able to share content with attendees and engage in live video and text chats.  In addition the 2021 NSH Convention will provide SmartMatch appointments for each exhibiting company.    

Advantages of a Virtual Exhibit

Access to Life Science & Anatomic Pathology Communities 

By going virtual, the NSH Convention is accessible more than ever to the life science and anatomic pathology communities.  The meeting’s virtual format will offer attendees an efficient way to learn about your products and services.

Cost Savings

Your company will save thousands of dollars in travel costs, booth fees and shipping charges. Our virtual environment will allow you to connect with histotechnologists and decision makers who are actively seeking information and solutions for their labs, hospitals, universities, and institutions.

Continued Visibility

Exposure to your products and services will not end when the three day meeting is over – our virtual Exhibit Hall will remain active through September 30 which allows you more time for interactions and connection with potential customers.  

Focused Networking

A virtual meeting can make networking more accessible than at an in-person meeting. Instead of having to coordinate schedules or track down potential customers in a large convention center, virtual conference attendees will have many opportunities for direct communication with  impromptu conversations at the click of a button.  In addition NSH is offering SmartMatch to set up scheduled video chats or product demos with attendees. 

Effective Lead Generation

Just like a live meeting you can capture leads but in addition the virtual meeting platform will provide robust analytics. You will know exactly who you’re speaking with and how best to follow up with them. The online platform will provide you with analytics to understand which of your products or services caught attendee’s interest and how long they spent reviewing your materials. This will allow you to conduct more informed follow up after the Exhibit Hall closes.


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