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Get Employer Support to Attend the NSH Convention

The NSH Virtual Symposium/Convention is a cost-effective professional development and educational opportunity for individuals working in histology, and we know you and your employer will benefit greatly from the knowledge and connections you will make from attending. We also understand it can be hard to get your employer to see the tremendous value that attending the NSH Convention offers. To help you gain employer support, we have created a list of benefits that might resonate with your employer. Additionally, we have created a sample letter to use when crafting your request.

Sample Employer Support Letter - Click Here
Sample PowerPoint Template - Click Here


Tips on Getting Employer Support 

  • Discuss the knowledge you will gain from attending and how it will benefit your work, laboratory, and colleagues.

  • Highlight the things included with your event registration such as educational sessions (over 60 CEUs), networking opportunities with leaders in the industry to discuss best practices and cost saving measures, and hours on the trade show floor

  • Consider submitting a Poster to participate in the Scientific Poster Exhibition to highlight work you & your lab have completed.

  • Make a list of exhibitors you plan to visit whose products and services would be an asset to your lab. Share any informational material or samples from exhibitors you receive with your colleagues.
  • Offer to deliver a short presentation upon your return that showcases what you learned during the week so your entire team can benefit from the knowledge you bring home

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