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Get Employer Support to Attend

The NSH Convention is a cost-effective professional development and educational opportunity for individuals working in histology.  We also understand it can be hard to get your employer or budget department to see the tremendous value that attending the NSH Convention offers. To help you, we have created a list of reasons and benefits that can help guide the conversation. Additionally, we have created a sample letter to use when crafting your request.  

Tips on Getting Employer Support 

  • Discuss the knowledge you will gain from attending and how it will benefit your work, laboratory, and colleagues. Offer to deliver a short presentation upon your return that showcases what you learned during the week so your entire team can benefit from the knowledge you bring home
  • Consider submitting a Poster to participate in the Scientific Poster Exhibition to highlight work you & your lab have completed.
  • Make a list of exhibitors you plan to visit whose products and services would be an asset to your lab. Share any informational material or samples from exhibitors you receive with your colleagues.

Sample Employer Support Letter - Click Here
Sample PowerPoint Template - Click Here

Professional Development Matters: Why Should You Register You and Your Staff for the 2021 NSH Convention?

How does professional development for histology differ from professional development in other fields?
For histotechnologists, effective professional development affects patients. Patient care and outcomes increase positively when histology professionals are able to connect with education that improves performance in the lab, introduces and explains competency expectations, and new technologies.

Why do histotechs need professional development? Aren’t the skills always the same?
No matter how much training and formal education someone may have, the challenges in the lab – especially in the last year – are ever changing. Healthcare, patient needs, disease, and research are ever changing. Histotology professionals cannot fall behind in individual training while these other variables are changing. Histology professional must stay relevant and informed.

What is the difference between ondemand and live sessions? Why can’t staff just watch sessions when they want?
The truth is learning something new can absolutely be done by watching an ondemand webinar or informal learning. This form of learning is flexible, but being in a live learning environment gives you and your team the opportunity to be surrounded by people who “speak your language.” This can be incredibly motivating and proves to your staff that you care about their professional growth.

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