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Abstract Tips & Help

Presenting at the Annual NSH Convention is an incredible way to share your knowledge and passion for the histology, and boost your career.  But, if you have never presented for us before you might have some questions.  We hope the information and tips below will help guide you in your abstract submission process - and will help you make the leap from thinking about submitting and abstract to making it happen.

Tip 1: Have Everything Ready

Deciding to submit an abstract is exciting, and the process is not too difficult, but it is a good idea to know what you will need, before starting.  For example, NSH will ask for not only the 400 word abstract, but also the learning objectives, the CV of primary speaker, etc.  Knowing that you need these things ahead of time will save you the headache of having to login back into the system to complete your submission. 

Use this "How To Guide" to preview what is involved.

Tip 2: Session Length

The NSH convention offers three session options: Workshops (60 minutes), Express Talks (15 minutes) and Learning Labs (2 -6 hours).  Session lengths include Q &A time. With that in mind, for workshops make sure you buffer in 10-15 minutes for questions and plan out what you want to cover accordingly.

Tip 3: Learning Objectives

Learning objectives should be clear, and exact. This means that you will want to outline objectives that do not try to cover too much. If necessary, break a longer objective into separate objectives. For example, this objective “Understand that steps of the histologic process” is a lot for one objective. Consider something like, “Objective 1: Name the three steps of the histologic process.” And, “Objective 2: Define the three steps of the histologic process.” For more help writing objectives, check out this resource.

Tip 4: Ask Questions

If you have a question, just ask us!  Most of the time we can answer your question quickly and save you the stress of trying to figure something out on your own.  Email

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