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Sold Out Workshops

The following workshops are sold out:

WS 03: Cytology 101: A Histology Crash Course To The Other Half Of Pathology
WS 08: Histological and Molecular Characteristics Of Breast Cancer Diagnosis And Prognosis
WS 09: Troubleshooting Immunohistochemical Staining: Setting Yourself Up For Success 
WS 35: Implementing a Digital Pathology Solution-What the heck did I get myself into?

WS 39: MOHS Training - From Patient to Diagnosis 
WS 41: Basic Immunohistochemisty: -  First-Timer's Guide to Staining
WS 44: Introduction to Tissue Identification and Pathology
WS 48: Writing a Scientific Paper for Publication
WS 49: Decalcification: What You Need to Know

WS 50: Optimization, Validation and Verification, Oh My! 
WS A: Mohs Training - From Patient to Diagnosis 
WS 70: Everything You Wanted To Know About Immunohistochemistry‚ĶBut You Were Afraid To Ask!
WS 85: Understanding Tissue Processing to Achieve Quality Results
WS 93: Training and Competency: Strategy, Advantages, Approaches

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