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Workshop Categories

Specific categories help you with selecting a program that works best for you!

Clinical vs. Veterinary/Research – All workshops are first identified as a Clinical or Vet/Research focus and then placed in one of our subject tracks.  

  • Career Development - Topics related to histotechnology training/certification and computer techniques
  • Digital Pathology - Topics covering the acquisition, management and interpretation of pathology information generated from a digitized glass slide.
  • Emerging TechnologiesTopics covering technological changes and their impact on histology. Workshops in this category can be product/vendor specific.
  • IHC - Topics related to immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry and related procedures
  • Management/Laboratory Operations - Topics for those working in or seeking to increase their knowledge in personnel management, laboratory operations & management and communication
  • Molecular - Topics related to molecular pathology including ISH, CISH, and FISH
  • Regulations - Topics covering government regulations, quality assurance/control & improvement
  • Safety - Topics concerning lab safety procedures and personal safety measures including ergonomics
  • Specialties - Topics related to a histology/pathology niche including Mohs, EM, Array’s, Laser Capture Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and more
  • Techniques & Fundamentals - Topics related to histotechnology methods, techniques and theory including troubleshooting, stain methods, lab techniques, gross pathology, equipment and refresher topics

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