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Poster Guidelines

Poster Format
One corkboard will be provided (8' wide by 4' high). The top of poster must include the TITLE, AUTHOR(S), and INSTITUTION(S).  Recommend title lettering to be 1" high and text lettering at least 1/2" high.  Author(s) is responsible for all titles and headings. Poster should be self explanatory, simple and specific, presenting material in a logical, legible manner.  Use the past tense and the third-person (avoid “I,” “we,” and “our”).  Basic theories or hypotheses should be presented with as much supporting data as possible, including pertinent statistical analysis and a conclusion.  Introduction, written material, photos, charts and graphs should be in a sequential fashion, and trademarks must be indicated where appropriate.  Include references.  A disclaimer may be posted to indicate that, "results and/or modifications are in preparation for publication and cannot be used without permission of author(s)."

Handout material for dissemination during the poster session is optional although recommended.  Presenter is responsible for preparation and reproduction of handout.  To prevent copyright infringements, copyright material and duplication from previously published articles are unacceptable.

Continuing Education Hours (Contact Hours)
NSH awards three contact hours for presenting a scientific poster at the Annual Symposium/Convention

On-Site Schedule
Posters will be viewed Sunday through Tuesday, September 17 - September 19, concurrent with the Scientific Exhibit program.  They will be accommodated in the exhibit hall.  Authors can assemble their displays between 8 - 10:30am, Sunday, September 17.  Posters must be ready for viewing by 10:45 AM, and will remain available for viewing during scheduled exhibit hours.  Presenters are required to stand with their posters during the discussion time Sunday, September 18 between 10:45am-12:15pm.  Winner ribbons will be placed on the winning posters Tuesday morning, September 19th.  Posters should be dismounted and removed from the exhibit hall between Noon - 1 PM on Tuesday, September 19th.

Poster Judging
Posters being judged are categorized as Veterinary/Research, Clinical or Vendor presentations.  Posters are judged on technical content (abstract quality, appropriateness of materials and methods, interpretation/analysis of data, relevance, and acknowledgement of references) and appearance (overall layout, photographic quality, use of legends/captions).  The winning poster from the Veterinary/Research and Clinical categories will each receive a $250 honorarium, sponsored by Sakura Finetek U.S.A., Inc.  Vendor-sponsored posters receive honorable mention only.

The NSH exhibit hall is locked each evening.  However, if your display includes special photographs or equipment, you may remove your poster at the end of each day and reposition the next morning.

The National Society for Histotechnology cannot be responsible for expenses incurred by presenters.  Authors are responsible for setting-up, maintaining, removing, storing and mailing posters, push-pins to affix posters to corkboard, availability to discuss material with convention attendees, and for all expenses incurred in preparation and presentation of poster.

Abstract Publication
Abstracts of accepted posters are formatted for and included as part of the Symposium/Convention onsite program and will be published as submitted, without editing.  In addition all accepted abstracts are submitted for publication in the December 2017 issue of the Journal of Histotechnology.  Any abstract that does not meet the standards of the Journal will be returned to the author for modifications and resubmission. 

Extended Abstract Publication
Presenters interested in publishing their poster via an extended abstract in The Journal of Histotechnology should indicate so in their submission email.  An electronic version of your poster must be emailed to joh@nsh.org by September 1, 2017.  Your email should also include the following statement “information contained in poster has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.”

Submit your Poster Online 
Poster applications must be submitted online and include title, authors, and an abstract - click here for the online application.

Submission Deadline: July 7, 2017
Acceptance/Rejection Notification: August 1, 2017 - sent via email

Need Help?
Here are a few resources for preparing and presenting your poster: 

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