Hurricane Irma Update:

NSH will hold the Convention starting this Friday, September 15th.


As you know Hurricane Irma ripped through the state of Florida over the weekend and earlier this week. NSH has been monitoring the impact on Orlando, our convention hotel, its airport and the surrounding areas. The Gaylord Resort & Convention Center did not sustain damage and did not lose power during the storm. The property is fully operational and ready to receive event attendees. We also have made sure that holding our convention will not impede recovery efforts or displace anyone seeking shelter from the storm. The Orlando International Airport is open and airlines are working to restore normal schedules. Restaurants and local entertainment venues are opening today.


Thank you for your patience as we waited and assessed the situation before making a final decision about the Convention. We continue to pray for our attendees and members living in areas effected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The Histotechnology Community is close knit and has a rich history of uniting under adversity. After our in depth review of the situation, talking with our partners in Orlando, and discussing next steps with the NSH Board of Directors, we believe that proceeding with the Annual Symposium/Convention will help Florida resume normalcy and contribute positively to the immediate area. We sincerely look forward to seeing everyone on site.

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